In September we held our first external committee meeting regarding the district reorganization. We came together with the public at Tecumseh High School. The framework was laid out that connected the dots between the Michigan Top 10 in 10 Initiative, the ESSA, our Strategic Design, and the District Reorganization. A summary of all this can be seen here. Those present were then able to choose two of eight committee groups to participate in. We spent the rest of the evening in two break-out sessions with the committee groups being facilitated by TPS Staff.

There was a lot discussed and many good ideas put forth. The group facilitators will now take all of this public input and bring it to internal committees to continue the process. We plan on checking back in with the external committee groups again in December.

Below you will find a summary of the notes from that first meeting. As always, please feel free to contact us at the Board Office with any questions or comments regarding this process.

Thank you again for your continued support of Tecumseh Public Schools.


Similar to the Elective Offerings/Scheduling Committee, this group wanted to focus on student choice, flexible learning groups, and leadership opportunities. Being able to integrate technology into the curriculum and providing support for the teachers were also highlighted by the group.

STEAM opportunities, community involvement through career exploration/job shadowing, makerspaces, and Inquiry-based learning were all discussed. As was the idea of expanding parts of the STEAM model to all K-12 students.

The committee on technology wanted to
  • Focus on integrating 1:1 technology into the curriculum
  • Provide proper professional development to the staff
  • Expanding current curriculum like Project Lead the Way
  • Providing the opportunity to "create" using technology
  • Expand the use of technology into other areas of the curriculum like art and music
After School Activities

TPS is very proud of its clubs and activities and is confident that the reorganization will increase opportunities in this area. The committee wants to know with a split 7th and 8th, how will the clubs work logistically? How will clubs that have included 5th and 6th grade operate? How can we involve the community and even expand our club offerings?

Can we utilize the building spaces across the district outside of school hours? Can we use this time to allow older learners to serve in leadership roles? 

The central question from this committee was how will this all work?

  • Bus loop configurations
  • Order of buildings with staggered start/end times
  • How to eliminate transfer busses
  • Schedules for after school activities
  • Transportation for Electives/Encores at 7th and 8th grade


  • Physically how will we do this? 
  • Can we ensure that all of the facilities are appropriate for learners at that level? 
  • How much will this cost and how long will it take?
  • How will we use the Media Spaces?
  • How will traffic patterns at Patterson, Herrick Park, and the Middle School work?
  • Locations of Encore classes for 7/8
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Appropriate playgrounds for students
Student Supports

Discussion of supports ranged from student supports to staff supports. The idea of learning levels not being tied to grade levels, as well as providing student support to all learners from special needs students to those students needing acceleration.

  • Supporting the parents/guardians of our learners was also an important point
  • Educating parents on curriculum and assessments, so that they can take an active part in their student's education.
Public Relations/Marketing

We have used a lot of new media recently in the district to augment our communications with the public, but the main point of feedback from this committee was not to forget the more traditional methods. Sending home paper flyers with students, and maintaining a constant stream of information from the district as this process moves forward.

The committee also recommended not just focusing on the physical transformation of the district, but to emphasize the "why." Why are we making these changes to the buildings and the curriculum?
Elective Offerings and Scheduling

  • What will the new start times be?
  • Where will the 7/8 students hold Encore classes?
  • What is the lunch schedule?

The idea of collaborative planning time for teachers across disciplines and grade levels was near the top of the list from this committee.

  • How will the reconfiguration affect the student body? 
  • Is student choice/interest-based scheduling going to be available?
  • Increased online learning opportunities
  • ExCel classes for all elementary levels
  • Flexible scheduling options (floating exploratory classes, cross-curricular units, staggered start times for teachers)
  • Expanded elective opportunities
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • Expanding AP courses