With the end of the school year fast approaching, we are set to announce our Transition Day! Typically this is the day we invite all of our 4th graders to the Middle School to take a tour, visit encore classes, and participate in other activities to prepare them for next year. With the Reorganization we are doing things a bit differently.

We will be having a Transition Week. Starting April 17, grades 1-4 will each get a day to visit Tecumseh Compass Learning Center and go through the traditional transition activities. As has always been the case with Transition Day, we hope that this will help relieve some stress for our learners as they get a sneak peek at where they will be next year. The full Transition Week schedule is:

April 17- 1st grade from 9-10:30

April 18- 2nd grade from 9-10:30

April 19- 3rd grade from 9-10:30

April 20- 4th grade from 9-11:30

On April 24th and 27th from 5:30-7:30pm, we invite all parents of our 1st-4th grade learner to come and visit Tecumseh Compass and get their own tour of the facilities.

If you have any questions about the process, please email Deb Laney or call 517-424-9867.

Thank you.


Reorganization Update

What's in a Name? Check out this video on why we chose to rename our buildings for next school year.

Please feel free to review the process so far or to leave a comment at the 
Reorganization Website.

Thank you again for your continued support of TPS.    
Check out what happened throughout the district in January by clicking the image below!
On June 28th at the Union School nine young men and women participated in the first ever commencement of Tecumseh High School. Seven men and two women received diplomas in the classical course and English. It was 1866. Now 150 years later more than 270 are set to follow in their footsteps on June 4th.

This series of articles will look back decade by decade at some of the most prominent graduates of Tecumseh High School leading up to the graduation of this year’s class.

Check out the series so far!

Kindergarten Registration Continues!

TPS continues to accept kindergarten registrations for the 2017-2018 school year. Kindergarten packets are available at the Board Office at 212 N Ottawa St, or on the district website.

The district will be holding kindergarten assessments on Tuesday, May 23; Wednesday, May 24; and Thursday, May 25.

Please contact Teri Hoeft at 517-424-7318 to set up a kindergarten assessment appointment time for your child. We are also available to provide building tours upon request. 
Upcoming Events

Apr 8 - Baseball Doubleheader
Apr 9 - Softball vs Britton-Deerfield
Apr 11 - Track meet vs Chelsea
Apr 11-12 - Acres PTO and Hometown Pizza Night Challenge
Apr 11 - Acres PTO Meeting
Apr 13 - Girls Soccer vs Dexter
Apr 13 - Patterson PTO Meeting
Apr 14 - Boys Lacrosse vs Pennfield
Apr 15 - Girls Soccer vs Manchester
Apr 15 - Girls Lacrosse vs Harper Creek
Apr 16 - Easter
Apr 17 - Herrick Park PTO Meeting
Apr 18 - Sutton PTO Meeting
Apr 18 - TSO 5/6 Fiddle Concert
Apr 19 - Acres PTO Muffins with Mom
Apr 19 - TSO 7/8 and HS Fiddle Concert
Apr 20 - Girls Soccer vs Adrian
Apr 20 - Acres PTO Family Skate Night
Apr 24 - Baseball Doubleheader
Apr 24 - Softball Doubleheader
Apr 25 - Track meet vs Ypsi
Apr 25 - Girls Soccer vs Ypsi
Apr 25 - Acres 1/2 Music Program
Apr 26 - Boys Lacrosse vs Dexter
Apr 27 - MS Track meet vs Monroe
Apr 28 - Girls Lacrosse vs Dexter
Apr 28 - Acres PTO Carnival
Apr 29 - Prom
Registration for LISD Career Camps opens on April 10th! You can see their entire brochure on their website and register online. For more information please contact Tracy Slomski by email or by calling 517-264-9797.