It's the end of the school year! We made it! This will be the final newsletter until September, but that doesn't mean there will be "radio silence" from the district until then. We will be continuing to work on the Reorganization Process, which you can learn more about below, among other projects. 

Our social media pages will continue to update with fun and useful tips, summer activities, projects, etc. throughout the summer months. Please give us a follow and keep up with all of the fun.

Thank you for a wonderful school year and we look forward to seeing you all back with us in the fall.

Reorganization Update

Thank you for all of the time you have taken to fill out surveys and participate in meetings, and for your patience while the Board of Education considered all of the facts presented by the Strategic Planning Committee about the possibilities around a District Reorganization. Below you can watch the presentation of the Reorganization Plan that was presented at the May 9th Board of Education Meeting.

Please attend one or all of the Community Conversations coming up in the next few weeks. They will all be held in the Board of Education Meeting Hall in the Administration Building at 212 N. Ottawa.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees that will be working on the finer details of the reorganization please use the Reorganization Sign-Up Form or call 517-424-7318.

Please feel free to review the process so far or to leave a comment at the Reorganization Website.

Thank you again for your continued support of TPS.

Upcoming Events

June 1 - Herrick Park Marco's Pizza Night
June 1 - Acres PTO and Hometown Pizza Night
June 1 - Acres PTO Meeting
June 1 - TMS Hall of Fame Recognition Night
June 2 - Herrick Park Field Day
June 2 - TMS Guitar Concert
June 3 - Sutton Field Day
June 3 - Acres Field Day
June 3 - Patterson Field Day
June 4 - Graduation Practice
June 5 - Graduation
June 6 - Freshman Orientation at THS
June 7 - Community Conversation
June 7 - HS/MS Exams
June 7 - TSO Instrument Rental Night
June 8 - HS/MS Exams
June 8 - 8th Grade Dance
June 9 - HS/MS Exams
June 10 - HS/MS Exams
June 22 - Community Conversation