Parents and Guardians of Future Tecumseh East STEAM Center Learner,

On Tuesday, we met with your learner to discuss courses for next year. Below is the letter we shared. If you have any questions please contact your future building Principal.

We look forward to working with you and your learner for the 2017-18 school year!

 -Al Schmidt and Deidra Thelen
  Tecumseh STEAM Center Principals

Contact Information

Al Schmidt                                        Deidra Thelen
Tecumseh East STEAM Center          Tecumseh West STEAM Center          
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East STEAM Center

STEAM Center Overview
The STEAM Centers will be utilizing a Project-Based Learning model. This model will blend all subject areas in authentic learning units. Learners will be presented with a real-world problem, then the Learning Facilitators will lead the learners through lessons and activities incorporating content standards to guide them in the process of developing a solution. All content areas will be incorporated into the units, therefore, learners in the STEAM centers will not be scheduled into daily Science/Social Studies/English courses. Instead, they will receive direct instruction in these subjects, as needed.  Scheduling of these direct instruction sessions will take place throughout the school year as learners progress through the units.  

Exceptions to this scheduling model are Mathematics, Music, and Foreign Language. All learners will be enrolled in an hour long mathematics course using the same process as in previous years. All learners will be assigned to 7th grade Math, 8th grade Math, Algebra, or Geometry with a certified Mathematics Learning Facilitator. Learners will have the opportunity to progress through the mathematics curriculum at their own pace ensuring mastery of each content standard. Learning Facilitators will provide direct instruction, activities, and assessments regularly.  

Learners may also select Music and/or Foreign Language for the full year. Learners may choose a maximum of two year long courses. (Example: learners could take two musics, or a music and foreign language.)  

In addition, learners will have the opportunity to select exploratory courses (Art, Project Lead the Way, Computer Science, etc.) throughout the year. These offerings will vary in length and subject matter during the year depending on the units of study and learner interest.

To ensure all learners complete the standards required, all learners will receive a base schedule, and then, with the guidance of their mentor, learner facilitators, and parents, schedule direct instruction sessions and other options. To allow us to create a base schedule, please fill out the form below and return to the office by, Monday, June 12.

All music classes will be scheduled for one hour during the day. The offerings do not overlap so learners may sign-up for more than one music class.

I would like to enroll in:
Ladies' Choir
            Mens' Choir
            I will not be enrolling in a music class

Physical Education and Health
As part of the STEAM curriculum all learners will develop an individualized health plan with one of our certified Physical Education Teachers. All learners will participate in physical activity and health content throughout the school year as part of a healthy lifestyle. To help our PE teachers best meet the needs of our learners, please check the two activities you are most interested in:

Team Sports (Basketball, volleyball, etc.)
Advanced Conditioning (Weights)
Walking/running Other _____________________________

Foreign Language
Learners will have opportunity to earn a high school credit by enrolling and successfully completing a Spanish or French course.
I would like to enroll in:
I will wait to take Foreign Language in High School

Any questions, please contact your future building Principal.