Linzey Yeaster - 2nd grade at Patterson
Mary Tommelein, Counselor at TMS
Nicole Courtney - 2nd grade at Patterson
Hannah Sparrow - Vocal Music at TMS
Jessica Southward - Special Education at Sutton
Kimberly Zelenak - 3rd Grade at Acres
Ashleigh Sackett - 3rd grade at Patterson
Ryan Ruhl - 6th grade at TMS
Allen Marry - Math at THS
Trisha Porosky - 4th/5th split position at TMS
Kellie McInchak - Band (5th/6th) at TMS
Charity Wright - English at THS
Ashley LaVoy - Art at Sutton

Preschool: Susan Bird; Sandra Oberski; Elizabeth Wilson; and Carrie Foss

IA: Elizabeth Court at TMS; Jessica Pinner at Sutton; Melissa Risinger at TMS; Jacob Cooper at Sutton; Lana Yuhas at Acres; and Alicia Gomez at Sutton; Erin Dugas at TMS

HVAC: Joshua Mattison

Noon Supervisor:  Kristen Gurica at Sutton

Librarian: Kimberly Bower at Sutton

Interventionist: Michelle Frye at Patterson