Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

I consider myself so fortunate to serve as the Superintendent of Tecumseh Public Schools. As I start my 4th year in this position, I would like to personally welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year.  

Our Strategic Design Plan sets the stage for our work in the district. Our focus continues to shift from an industrial model of education to a personalized and customized learning path for all students. Our vision, mission and beliefs are aligned to learner outcomes and support all students in identifying their own gifts and talents. This work is transformational and could not be done without the excellent staff, families and community members who came together this August to develop our plan for the future.

Our focus continues to center on teaching and learning. Our educational programs are led by highly skilled educators who are committed to continuous improvement. Our Instructional Coaches work with staff at all levels to ensure that quality instructional practices are implemented in each classroom. Our educators monitor the progress of all students and identify students who need support and/or enrichment. Our support staff members work to ensure that students receive the additional time that may be necessary for differentiated learning. We continue to look for strategies that allow all learners to reach their potential. This is done through customized learning paths.

Technology plays a significant role in customized learning paths. Students at all levels have access to technology tools (such as Chromebooks) as part of their learning experience at TPS. As a district, we do recognize that technology supports student learning under the direction of caring, qualified educators. We continue to strive for a balance that allows students to thrive in the educational environment, while still participating in quality dialogue that supports communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. We recognize and embrace the world that faces our students and we continue to look for ways to enhance learning where technology enables higher levels of achievement.

This school year marks the beginning of a new path for Tecumseh Public Schools’ learners, families and community. Together, we all are making a difference for our children. I am truly grateful to live and work in such a supportive environment! If you are new to our district or you have any questions about the work we do, please contact me by phone at 517-424-7318 or email at


Kelly M. Coffin, Ed. D.
Superintendent, Tecumseh Public Schools


Reorganization Update

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful summer. It is hard to believe that Labor Day is right around the corner and soon the children will be back with us to start another exciting year.

As you know, we spent the last school year developing our District Reconfiguration Plan. A huge thank you to all of you helped in this process either through committee work, meeting attendance, meetings with someone in the district, or phone calls to share your questions.

The district continues to gather and review feedback received from the community regarding the configuration. We will be using this feedback to determine what modifications should be made to the configuration. Again, we really appreciate the information we have received throughout this process!

Thank you to all of you who have offered to serve on one of our Reconfiguration Committees. You will be contacted within the next two weeks as to when your first committee meeting will be held. If you would like to join a committee or would like additional information on the committees, please let us know!

This is an exciting time for our district! I look forward to our continued partnership as we continue to improve programming for each and every learner.

Please feel free to review the process so far or to leave a comment at the Reorganization Website.

Thank you again for your continued support of TPS.

Upcoming Events

Sept 1 - Elementary Open Houses
Sept 1 - Football v Notre Dame Prep
Sept 5 - Labor Day
Sept 6 - First Day of School
Sept 7 - Girls Golf v Chelsea
Sept 8 - Girls Swim v Dundee
Sept 12 - THS Back to School Night
Sept 13 - Boys Soccer v Williamston
Sept 13 - Volleyball v Monroe
Sept 15 - TMS Picture Day
Sept 15 - Boys Soccer v Chelsea
Sept 15 - Volleyball v Jonesville
Sept 16 - Football v Adrian (Elementary Night)
Sept 20 - TMS Football v Chelsea Gold
Sept 21 - TMS Volleyball v Chelsea Gold
Sept 22 - Girls Swim v Adrian
Sept 24 - Girls Swim Kiwanis Invite
Sept 26 - TMS Volleyball v Adrian White
Sept 27 - TMS Football v Lincoln
Sept 27 - Boys Soccer v Ypsilanti
Sept 28 - TMS Volleyball v Bedford White
Sept 29 - Boys Soccer v Adrian
Sept 30 - Football v Dexter (HOMECOMING)