Reorganization Update

As we move forward in the district reorganization, our staff has already begun teaching and working together with customized learning in mind. At our current elementary buildings, grade level teachers are using NWEA data to group students together in math to help differentiate instruction and meet each learner where they are at. At the current middle school, student driven extra-curricular clubs are providing leadership and collaborative opportunities to learners who typically shy away from socializing with their peers. At the high school, art students are working with mechatronics students to design and produce furniture in a cross-curricular project.

Each current building has a group of teachers stepping up and exploring project-based learning opportunities. Also, the staff continues to meet for professional development in their new building groups to plan for next school year. It is amazing to see the students excited and engaged, with the shift in mindset from adult convenience to learner centered, and how it expands their learning opportunities.

We have talked a lot about the new structure to the district for next year, but have been purposefully vague about the new building identities ... until now.

At Tecumseh Public Schools, Tecumseh North Early Learning Center and Tecumseh South Early Learning Center educate our youngest learners. Tecumseh South ELC is also home to the district sponsored and 5-star rated Tecumseh Preschool Center.

Learners then progress to Tecumseh Compass Learning Center, serving our 2nd-6th graders, and focused on customized learning paths for all.

During the middle years learners attend Tecumseh East STEAM Center or Tecumseh West STEAM Center for 7th and 8th grade, looping with their teachers for those two years.

The transition to Tecumseh High School takes place at 9th grade where learners have numerous options and paths available including Advanced Placement, the Virtual Academy, the SMCSI Mechatronics Program, JC Middle College, Dual-Enrollment, and the LISD Tech Center.
Please feel free to review the process so far or to leave a comment at the Reorganization Website.

Thank you again for your continued support of TPS.  

Check out what happened throughout the district in January by clicking the image below!
On June 28th at the Union School nine young men and women participated in the first ever commencement of Tecumseh High School. Seven men and two women received diplomas in the classical course and English. It was 1866. Now 150 years later more than 270 are set to follow in their footsteps on June 4th.

This series of articles will look back decade by decade at some of the most prominent graduates of Tecumseh High School leading up to the graduation of this year’s class.

Check out the series so far!

7th graders at Tecumseh Middle School have been working on a year-long English research project on career exploration. The students have prepared a brief speech about their career and a visual display based on career interviews and research. We would like to present the information publically to interested members of our community on March 29 and March 30 from 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the Tecumseh Middle School small gym and cafeteria. Public speaking and learning the soft skills of making conversation with adults is a key component to future job success. Your help in listening and providing feedback would be most appreciated.

  • March 29 -   Students interested in the Career Path of:  Health, Human Service and Business Careers will present
  • March 30 – Students interested in the Career Path of:  Arts and Communication, Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial Technology as well as Natural Resources and Agri Science

Questions regarding the presentation can be directed to Mrs. Tommelein at or 517-423-1105 ext. 6103
Upcoming Events

Mar 1 - Elementary Conferences
Mar 2 - Elementary Conferences (Half Day for Elementary)
Mar 2 - Boys Basketball vs LCS
Mar 4 - Boys Swim and Dive SMISL Championships
Mar 7 - Acres PTO and Hometown Pizza Night
Mar 7 - Herrick Park Healthy Habits Night
Mar 8 - HS/MS Conferences
Mar 8 - Acres PTO and Hometown Pizza Night
Mar 8 - Acres PTO Meeting
Mar 9 - HS/MS Conferences (Half Day for 5th-12th)
Mar 9 - Patterson PTO Meeting
Mar 10 - Acres PTO Carnival
Mar 11 - CISTA March Mingle
Mar 12 - Daylight Saving Time Starts (turn clocks forward!)
Mar 15 - Herrick Park Marco's Pizza Night
Mar 16 - Acres PTO Family Skate Night
Mar 16 - MS 7/8 Pre-Festival Choir Concert
Mar 17 - MS Dance
Mar 18 - Kindergarten Round-up
Mar 20 - Herrick Park PTO Meeting
Mar 21 - Sutton PTO Meeting
Mar 22 - Acres Imagination Station Assembly
Mar 22 - Sutton Kindergarten Concerts
Mar 24 - Herrick Park PTO Sock Hop
Mar 28-30 - 7th Grade Career Project Presentations
Mar 28 - Acres 3/4 Music Program
The 7th grade art classes discussed the importance of plankton; tiny sea-dwelling organisms that are the basis of the food chain. Their population has been declining 1% each year for the past 15 years due to climate change and pollution.

Students looked at actual images of plankton and created designs inspired by their natural shapes. They then chose an animal that benefits from plankton…realizing that ALL animals do, since plankton help produce 70% of our Earth’s oxygen and take care of 25% of our Carbon Dioxide. The animal designs were then converted into blank cards to raise money for The World Wildlife Fund.

5-packs of animal stationary (with envelopes) are available as a "Thank You" for each $5 donation. There is no limit on the amount of packs that may be purchased. Cash is accepted and checks can be made out to The WWF. Any orders requested can be ready the next day.

Students are realizing that their artwork can be used for more than just a grade – that it can generate money to help a world-wide cause.

This art "sale" will take place until the last week of school – cards can be given as gifts ideas for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, just because, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to email