The Strategic Planning Committee reviewed the November survey data to identify the priorities shared by the community. The priorities identified by the community were:

  • Consistent instruction and curriculum at each grade level
  • Opportunity for students to take classes at higher levels
  • Technology integration
  • More opportunities for cross-curricular activities and project-based learning
  • Opportunities for differentiated instruction
  • Time for teachers to plan at grade levels

The following building scenarios were designed based on these priorities. All three scenarios leave “room to grow” in most of our buildings. Each scenario takes into account supports needed for students at all levels, including support for special needs as well as enrichment. Any renovations required are able to be built into our capital projects budget over a multiple years. The scenario chosen would be phased in over 2-3 years depending on the renovation needs required by the scenario. Each of the scenarios represent the priorities of the community, but are a bit different in structure. It is important that you provide input on each scenario (pros and cons of each) as well as let us know which scenario you think is best! Please use the button below to access the survey.

The Survey will remain open until January 31st. Thank you for your time and dedication to Tecumseh Public Schools. We look forward to your feedback and taking the next steps in this process together.