In the fourth and final of this series of emails we would like to present to you some of the frequently asked questions that have come up from our Community Conversations and other feedback from the public.Please check out the District Reorganization website for the full list of FAQs and to stay up to date on the next steps in this process.

Have your really thought about other possible configurations?

We have. The district has been working since September gathering feedback from staff, parents and the community on the priorities of any configuration. We have looked at student enrollment projections over the next 6 years and have identified the configuration that puts all of our buildings, with the exception of the high school which is a bit lower, at around 75-85% capacity. This gives the district room to grow without asking the taxpayers to pass a bond for new construction.  

Why don’t we just build a new building?

That is an excellent question. The district, throughout this school year, has been working with a steering committee consisting of community members, parents, and staff members. We have discussed this question several times, and, at this time, the thought is that we need to look at ways to use our existing buildings since we do have additional space before we would request taxpayers to pass a bond. The reconfiguration plan that will be implemented in the 2017-18 school year allows “room to grow” in each of the 6 buildings. When looking at all of our options, it was determined that we work through this reorganization process as a way not only to utilize building capacity but also improve programming options for our students.  

What are the next steps?

All of the feedback that has been gathered these past few months will be shared with the Board of Education. We will review the comments, questions and concerns and see if there are areas of the proposed plan that we would want to adjust. Please know that the Board has spent many months researching and reviewing data and feedback regarding the district reorganization and will make the best decision based on improved programming for all of our students.

How can I get involved?

We would love to have you serve on one of our Reorganization Committees.  You can sign up for a committee of your choice by going to our website at and filling out the Google Form under the District Reorganization Information link.  If you have problems accessing the form, please contact us at 517.424.7318 and we will be happy to sign you up for a committee.

Thank you