Just a reminder that the next Reorganization Meeting is tonight, Monday February 27th, at 6 PM in the Media Center at the High School. Below you will find a summary of the notes from our last meeting in November. Hope to see you there!

Thank you again for your continued support of Tecumseh Public Schools.


  • Makerspace Nights
    • Provide information/opportunities for families to explore
  • Collaboration on projects
  • Look at flexible work time
    • Scaffold by learner
  • Integrated curriculum vs./and departmentalized--include art/music/etc. in this planning
  • Process to ensure standards are covered  
  • Students can learn anytime from home
  • Outcome based learner and mastery learning
  • Focus on student choice


  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)--help to understand what this is
  • Device needs to meet the needs of the intended outcome
  • Leasing vs. buying technology--pros and cons
  • Ergonomics--healthy ways to engage with technology
    • Keyboarding--some keyboards not the easiest to use
    • Purchase keyboards for tablets
    • How does keyboarding fit into the technology scope and sequence?
  • Develop/Communicate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy
  • Implement technology benchmarks for each grade
  • Ongoing Teacher Professional Development
  • Infrastructure upgrades for highly connected buildings
  • Use technology to reduce disruptions to learning
  • Repurpose media spaces
    • AV, green screen, creator studios

After School Activities

Provide Structure with Flexibility

Expand Partnerships in the Community

Plan a Variety of Activities:

  • One of the comments from our initial community meeting was with regard to offering activities that involve learners of all interest groups (both athletic and academic and everything in between)

Student Choice

  • Will look to involve our learners to help us identify what they are really looking for.
  • What we (as adults) think are of high interest, may not be

Next Steps

  • Focusing on existing partnerships
  • How and where can we build/facilitate more partnerships? (retirees, community members with areas of expertise)
  • Will continue to look at the logistics of how to best utilize our building space, bussing, and time schedules

Elective Offerings and Scheduling

The lists of questions and ideas from the internal scheduling committee meeting were shared with the groups.  The following are the areas where we will work to make decisions in order to solidify options for additional courses:

  • Decision on the starting and ending times
  • Busing plan
  • Curriculum decisions
  • Staffing decisions

Student Supports

  • Explore Learning Management Systems
    • Accommodate and Modify Content (assignments, assessments)
    • Summer School Opportunity
    • Customized Learning
    • User Friendly
    • Adaptable--Changes as we change
  • Opportunities to improve programming for students with special needs
    • Reinventing special education services
    • MTSS is a preventative system
    • Visit other districts
  • Reorganization allowing for optimal use of resources/programming
  • Gathering ideas outside of county and state--Focusing on outcomes
  • Don’t throw baby out with the bathwater--not changing for the sake of changing
  • Environment is key to improving learning and engagement
  • TEAM (Tecumseh Enrichment and Acceleration Model) looks different in MCL
    • Accelerate learning
  • Role of Case Managers
  • How can next year’s team start to get to know students to aid in smooth transitions without loss of learning?
  • Key words for success strategies
    • Universal supports can help all/more students
  • IEP encompasses a learner’s entire day.  It’s not a “special ed” plan or just at school
  • Provide parent education and allow for input on a regular basis
Public Relations/Marketing

Continue to Differentiate Communication Efforts
  • Video of student-designed room
  • Grade/Building specific information sent home
  • Building identities (7th and 8th grade; 2-6 building)
  • Virtual tours of steelcase and school visits
  • Host a farewell for Patterson and HP
  • Transition Day for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders
  • Summer cookout at new playgrounds
  • Student involvement in creating news
  • Instructions on signing up for emails
  • Continue to share information in a variety of ways
  • Use Alert Box on website to force people to watch new video clips  

  • Survey actual bus riders vs. scheduled percentage
  • IT--sync eSchool pictures with route sheets
  • 7th and 8th AM or PM for activities (7th--AM, 8th--PM)
  • Consolidate pick up points
  • 2nd - 6th walk boundaries
  • Bus arrivals at 7th and 8th
  • Space needed for new transportation configurations
  • Elective courses:  Will they be held at 2nd - 6th or at the high school? 


  • Locker spaces
  • Playgrounds (TMS--ADA compliance at north end, time--distance of playground)
  • Smart Buildings
    • Technology
    • Green
  • Bathroom locations
    • Lower elementary--add bathrooms?
  • Additional natural light in lower elementary