Thank you to everyone who took time to complete our District Reconfiguration Survey this past November. We had close to 400 responses! We wanted to take a moment to share the results of this survey with you as well as our tell you about our “next steps” in this exciting process.

The purpose of the survey, which was created by one of our Strategic Planning Goal Committees, was to identify community priorities when we look at restructuring our district. The survey did just that. Below are the very clear priorities that were shared.

In the area of transportation, the length of of time on the bus was the top priority/concern that people felt should be addressed in any type of restructuring plan. The next highest priority when it comes to transportation is the combination and age range of students riding together on one bus route. 

When looking at the priorities related to teaching and learning, there was a clear priority in consistent instruction and curriculum at each grade level. In general, when looking at any new configuration, five key items rose to the top of the list:
  • Opportunity for students to take classes at higher levels
  • Technology integration
  • More opportunities for cross-curricular activities and project-based learning
  • Opportunities for differentiated instruction
  • Time for teachers to plan at grade levels
It was exciting to see that the staff results and the parent/community results identified the same priorities. This shows that, as a community, we are on the same page with the education of our children.

The final survey questions dealt with moving 4th graders up to the current Middle School and moving 8th graders up to the current High School.  The feedback was clear---these two situations are not something that the community can support at this time. We heard this loud and clear and therefore will not be including either of these moves in future scenarios.

The Strategic Planning Committee will continue to work to develop three different scenarios based on the ideas, suggestions, and priorities that were shared. We hope to have these prepared and sent out to the community in the form of a follow-up survey in early January, 2016. Again, we want you to take the time to tell us what you think! Your input is important in this process and we want your feedback.

Thank you for all of your support! Please stay tuned for additional updates throughout this reorganization/reconfiguration process.